Instrumental Strategies

Product, Price, Sales, Communication, Employees


The defined marketing strategies are implemented with the available marketing instruments. In this seminar you will learn the basics of product, price, sales and communication policy. In addition, you will learn how the instruments in relationship marketing are designed and applied. Learn more about experience and quality, benefit-oriented pricing as well as sales and communication forms. Employees, especially those in customer contact, play a central role in the provision of services, which is why a separate section is dedicated to this topic. Check and optimize the use of your marketing budget in your own company.

Goals/benefits (After the event participants can…)

(1) understand the tasks and processes of product policy,

(2) apply a benefit-oriented pricing policy,

(3) define and apply multichannel sales,

(4) develop and implement communication strategies and

(5) deploy employees in a targeted and successful manner.


(1) Product policy

(2) Pricing policy

(3) Distribution policy

(4) Communication policy

(5) Personnel policy


– Self-study: Online provision of content (incl. templates and manuals)

– Open seminars: Participants from different companies

– Closed seminars: Participants from one company (customized solution)

– Workshops: to develop a strategic marketing plan (programmatic instruction)

– Keynote speech: 45-minute presentation on the topic

Time required (participant view)

– Self study: 6 days

– Seminars: 3 days

– Workshops: customized solution according to requirements

– Impulse presentation: 45 minutes

Target audience

Target groups are all those who are entrusted with marketing in the company. First and foremost, entrepreneurs and managers should feel addressed.

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