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hotmama is a specialist for relationship marketing in the tourism industry. The challenges ahead are strategy development, campaign management and the marketing instruments. Contents are provided in the form of “blended learning“. On the mmm-platform (german only) contents are available in a distant learning mode.

+ Marketing strategy: In this course you learn how to carry out a situation analysis, develop objectives and conclude strategic options from it. As a result, you will be developing a strategic marketing plan for your organisation.

+ Strategy implementation: In this course you will learn how to set up a customer oriented organisational structure, develop customer contact processes and support them with adequate systems. Last but not least it requires an organisational culture in order to achieve your objectives.

+ Making marketing measurable: The key subject in this course is marketing controlling. Thereby we take a look at both pre-economic and economic criteria in order to build an integrated marketing controlling system. When learning from experience your learning system is in place.

+ Acquiring new customers: When it comes to acquiring more customers for your offerings and convince potentials as well as moving them to purchase, this is the course you should take. Here we explain what it takes to successfully obtain new customers.

+ Retaining existing customers: When it comes to providing more offerings to existing customers, preempting their potential, this is the course you should take. Individualization as well as up- and cross selling stand at the core of this seminar. Thereby we show you how to create positive word of mouth and effectively apply referencing.

+ Recovering customers: When it comes to recover unsatisfied customers, we show you how to implement an active complaint management system. We also show you how to reactivate “sleeping customers”. In this course you will learn how to win back lost customers.

+ Marketing Instruments: This course provides an overview of the marketing instruments available. Thereby the most important contents are provided with regard to:

Product Policy: Product management, product development, branding as well as E-Services.

Communication Policy: Corporate-, marketing- and dialogue communications as well as digital marketing.

Price Policy:  Pricing strategies, value pricing and price differentiation as well as revenue management (yield management).

Distribution Policy: Direct as well as indirect distribution, e-commerce and self service technologies, designing servicescapes.

Human Resource Policy: HR planning and implementation as well as control, customer oriented compensation schemes.


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