Range of services

hotmama stands for hospitality & tourism marketing management and thus also defines our range of services. We offer marketing solutions for the hospitality & tourism industry that support you in analysis, planning, implementation and control.

The contents described in the following can be used in different ways. In concrete terms, we distinguish between:

+ Do-it-yourself: Get on the mmm platform and solve your problems (free of charge) yourself.

+ Seminars & Workshops: Take part in open or closed seminars.

+ Coaching: Whether you delegate the implementation entirely to us or are looking for a “sparring partner”, we implement.

Strategy development

hotmama supports you when it comes to developing strategies and subsequently providing appropriate structures, systems and culture for implementation. Furthermore we help you to make your marketing measurable. Concretely:

+ Develop a marketing strategy: Conducting situation analyses (market research), goal setting, elaboration of strategic options, strategic marketing planning.

+ Implement marketing strategy: Organizational and operational structure (structure), customer orientation (culture) as well as the selection and implementation of CRM and data management (system)

+ Marketing controling: Pre-economic and economic measurement methods, development of an integrated marketing controlling, reporting and “learning system.​

Campaign management

The hotmama campaign management includes the planning, conception & production, implementation and control of campaigns for new customer acquisition, customer retention and customer recovery.

+ Winning new customers: According to the motto “More customers for the offer”, the aim is to convince potential customers of the advantages of the offer and to persuade them to make their first purchase. We offer you comprehensive campaign management (planning, implementation, control) to help you achieve your goals.

+ Retain existing customers: According to the motto “More offer for the customers”, the aim is to exploit existing sales potential with existing customers. Performance individualization as well as up- and cross-selling are the main focus. In addition, positive word of mouth and recommendation behaviour must be used to acquire new customers.

+ Winning back lost customers: If customers migrate for one reason or another, then an active complaints management system must be implemented according to the motto “Being able to deal with criticism”. Furthermore, “sleeping” customers must be reactivated. The hotmama campaign management provides the appropriate solution here as well.

Internal marketing

The internal marketing at hotmama concentrates on the transfer of the relevant experiences and competences in order to qualify employees according to your requirement profile. We deliver the conception, production and distribution of contents that need to be learned and taught.