Customer Retention

More benefits for existing customers!


It makes more sense and is more economical to retain customers than to have to constantly acquire new customers. Customer loyalty management describes all measures that contribute to maintaining a customer relationship. The objective of the measures is to exploit existing customer potential. The basis for successful customer retention is customer satisfaction. The satisfaction of your customers depends to a large extent on the quality of care provided by your employees.  Learn more about the means and applications of customer retention in marketing practice and identify those solutions that are relevant for you.

Goals/benefits (After the event the participants can …)

  • define customer loyalty and apply it to their own company.
  • understand customer satisfaction as the basis for successful customer retention.
  • design and communicate up- and cross-selling offers.
  • recognize the importance of quality and customer experience management.


(1) Customer loyalty – theory & application

(2) Customer satisfaction – theory & application

(3) Individualize and intensify – theory & application

(4) Stabilisation – theory & application


  • Self-study: Online provision of content (incl. templates and manuals)
  • Open seminars: Participants from different companies
  • Closed seminars: Participants from one company (customer-specific solution)
  • Workshops: to develop a campaign plan
  • Keynote speech: 45-minute presentation on the topic

Time requirement (participant view)

  • Self study: 4 days
  • Seminar: 2 days
  • Workshops: customer-specific solution according to requirements
  • Impulse presentation: 45 minutes

Target group

Target groups are all those who are entrusted with customer retention in their companies and organisations. First and foremost, marketing and sales staff should feel addressed.