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You can reach us under the following addresses.

+ in Vienna; Untere Weissgerberstrasse 8/2/18; A-1030 Wien

+ in Upper Austria; Hochbaustrasse 6; A-4694 Ohlsdorf

+ Fix: +43(0) 1 710344211

+ Fax: +43(0) 1 710344240

+ Fon: +43(0) 1 676 4169523

+ E-Mail:

For more than 40 years Harald Hafner has worked in various sales & marketing functions. Here you can find facts and references with regard to the organisation. To get in contact with us is easy, simply fill in the contact form and let us know your requirements, we will be in touch with you immediately to answer your questions.


To pass on know-how and experience is an important task. Since many years Harald Hafner works as lecturer and trainer at various institutions.

+ Since 1990 Lecturer for marketing at ICHM at Tourism College MODUL

+ Since 1994 Lecturer for marketing at the academy at Austrian Hotel Association

+ Since 1996 Lecturer for marketing at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna

+ Since 2000 Trainer for Sales & Marketing at WIFI International


In the past 20 years Harald Hafner has worked on more than 300 projects in Austria and abroad.

+ Market research:  Satisfaction surveys, positioning studies, segmentation studies, moderation of consumer consulting boards.

+ Strategy development: Development of strategic marketing plans and communication strategies as well as customer experience management concepts.

+ Campaign management: Planing and execution of marketing campaigns for new customer acquisition, customer retention and customer recovery.

+ Quality assurance: Carrying out of mystery shoppings and quality audits in Austria and abroad.


As author and co-author Harald Hafner has produced the following publications (most of them in german)

  • Harald Hafner, Manfred della Schiava,  Service-Marketing im Tourismus, Wirtschaftsverlag Carl Ueberreuter Wien, 1996
  • Harald Hafner, Profitabilität durch Kundenzufriedenheit – Tourismusmarketing, Fortis FH, Wien 1998
  • Harald Hafner, Klaus Grabler ,  Elektronisches Marketing in der österreichischen Hotellerie, Jubiläumsfonds der Österreichischen Nationalbank, Wien 1998
  • Harald Hafner, Dietmar Kepplinger, Sekundäranalytische Auswertung der Gästebefragung Österreich 1997/98 zum Thema Alleinreisende, Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Angelegenheiten, Wien 1999
  • Harald Hafner, Das ideale Ferienhotel für die WienerInnen, Konzeptstudie 2000, Pannonia-Mercure Österreich
  • Harald Hafner, Klaus Grabler, Urlaubertypologien, Sekundäranalytische Auswertung der GBÖ 2000/2001, FH-Modul Research, Wien 2002
  • Harald Hafner/Klaus Grabler, Psychographic segmentation and its application in the hospitality industry, Paper FH-Science Day, Wels 2007
  • Harald Hafner, Marketing 1-4, International Course for Hotel Management, Tourism College Modul, 2010
  • Harald Hafner, Relationship Marketing Bakkalaureat, FH Wien GmbH, Wien 2014
  • Harald Hafner,, E-Learning Plattform zum Thema Relationship Marketing, Wien 2016
  • Harald Hafner, Dietmar Kepplinger; Tourismusbildung zukunftsfit?, Travel Industry Club Austria, Wien 2018
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