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hotmama-News is curated content on relationship marketing, which might be interesting for you. Content is thereby provided in form of literature recommendations, studies and learning examples. Furthermore we inform you on events, where we can meet and exchange ideas personally. If you would like to stay on top, sign up to our Newsletter.

Literature recommendations

Here you can find my literature recommendations on various subjects. Recently I have read a number of books on digitalization, behavioural economy, future developments as well as on capitalism. I wish you an exciting as well as inspiring time whilst reading.


Here you can find various studies to a number of different subjects. Studies are sometimes only available in german such as the results in measuring advertising success (Präsentation Werberfolg) published by the DMVÖ (Dialogue Marketing Association Austria) Furthermore you can also find a study already published in 2013 by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne on the “Future of Employment“.


The Travel Industry Club Austria is a Think Tank in Germany and Austria. The club represents a platform between science and tourism practitioners who would like to stay on top. On December 2nd, 2019 a networking takes place at the Grand Hotel, Vienna where the luxury subject is discussed. For more information to the event click here… 

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