Digital learning has become an important building block in organisations and educational institutions alike. Thereby the method of blended learning as a combination of distant- and in-class learning has proven to be successfull. We support your efforts when it comes to developing content as well as designing existing content for the learning experience. The courses we develop for you can be distributed through a number of learn management systems (LMS).


The developed contents are being produced in an inspiring way. Our design- and IT-experts develop those courses and relate them to the in-class sessions. Our e-learning courses prepare the participants for in-class sessions, thereby increasing the learning productivity. Various media formats are integrated in a responsive design, available on all kinds of end devices.


During the conception phase we develop the curricula as well as the didactics going with it. The relevant contents will then be designed, focusing on the core issues. We thereby use the methods of didactical reduction, motivating participants to follow a learning path, leading to more knowledge and better qualifying them.


The courses we produce are independent of the platform you might use and can be featured on various Learn-Management-Systems (LMS). Our experiene with different applications is available to you and we are ready to provide advise in order to select the most appropriate one. We also provide your courses on our platform and guide you through the learning process.


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We adopt our services to your needs and requirements to develop a blended learning concept. In order to do so, let us have your requirements by simply using the contact form and we will be back to you with a suggestion. Alternatively you can also give us a call under +43 676 4169523