Events by Travel Industry Club Austria

As speaker and president of the Travel Industry Club Austria we are organizing a number of events around the subject knowledge transfer. Our mission is to advance research and development in the tourism industry. More information to this initiative you can find on the Website of the Travel Industry Club Austria. If you would like to receive updates on events, simply sign up to our Newsletter.

Networking on Luxury

What is Luxury and how can the phenomena be defined. At this networking we start out with a keynote speech by Dr. Elsbeth Walnöfer focusing on the historical and cultural development of luxury. With our experts we will then discuss the consequences for tourism for today and tomorrow. The networking is in german, more information on the event is available on the Event-Website.

Aviation Symposia

The aviation industry is undergoing dramatic change and is facing great challenges. The public takes a negative attitude towards flying, technology is advancing where at the same time we need more capacity to cope with the demand situation. These are questions, we discuss during this symposia which takes place in Munich on January 28 to 30, 2020. More information is available under this Link.