Events by Travel Industry Club Austria

As speaker and president of the Travel Industry Club Austria (TIC-A), I organize events together with my colleagues around the topic of knowledge transfer. The purpose of the club is to promote R & D in domestic tourism. More information about the initiative and the events can be found on the TIC-A website. If you would like to be kept up to date on the events, simply register for the newsletter.

Virtual Networkings

The Travel Industry Club features weekly Virtual Networking on Corona and beyond.

The Travel Industry Club in Germany and Austria feature weekly virtual networkings around COViD-19 and its consequences for the travel industry. The networkings take place every Wednesday and the program is featured to the website of the Travel Industry Club. If you missed a networking or could not follow through to the end, the recordings of the various events are available here


​Tourism Forum in Villach

Join the (german spoken) virtual Tourism Forum

This year the tourism fourm in Villach is broadcasted online for the first time. The tourism forum is part of the European Tolerance Talks and promise to be very interesting. Intellectuals, scientist and artists discuss the changes we might have to expect after the pandemy. More Information can be found on the website of the Travel Industry Club Austria.