mmm-making marketing measurable

Seminars, Workshops, Lectures

Marketing as a “learning system” requires making it measurable. Formulating concrete goals and monitoring their achievement is the “salt in the soup”. The associated target-performance comparison allows you to gain insights and thus learn.

The contents of our offer are based on marketing practice and the challenges involved. In addition to a self-learning experience (mmm – marketingmessbesarmachen), we offer you a combination of seminars, workshops and presentations (blended learning).

+ Strategy Development – Analysis & Planning

+ Implementation – Organization & Marketing Controlling

Once the prerequisites are in place, implementation of the agreed strategy can begin. This is basically about winning new customers, retaining existing customers and winning back lost customers. The relevant sections are identical:

+ Winning new customers – More customers for the offer

+ Retain existing customers – More offers for customers

+ Winning back lost customers – Dealing with criticism