Customer recovery

Being able to deal with criticism!

In the course of a customer relationship, there may be phases in which customers think about leaving. This is particularly the case if the experience gained with the service offering is faulty from the customer’s point of view. This course covers the applications of complaint and service management on the one hand, and recommendations on how to deal with critical phases in the course of a churn with relationship marketing tools on the other. In this context, the tasks of rework and compensation are the focus of the considerations.

Goals/benefits (After the event the participants can …)

  • stimulate, accept, process and analyse complaints
  • use Service Management as a means of winning back customers
  • correct mistakes and convince customers again
  • compensate for errors and stimulate repurchase


  • complaint and service management
  • improve and convince in theory and practice
  • compensate and stimulate in theory and practice


  • Self-study: Online provision of content (incl. templates and manuals)
  • Open seminars: Participants from different companies
  • Closed seminars: Participants from one company (customer-specific solution)
  • Workshops: to develop a campaign plan
  • Keynote speech: 45-minute presentation on the topic

Time requirement (participant view)

  • Self study: 4 days
  • Seminar: 2 days
  • Workshops: customer-specific solution according to requirements
  • Impulse presentation: 45 minutes

Target group

Target groups are all employees in the company who are entrusted with tasks of complaint and customer recovery management. First and foremost, marketing and sales staff should feel addressed.