Winning New Customers!

More customers for the offerings!


The task of acquiring new customers can be structured into the phases of persuasion, stimulation and familiarisation (socialisation). In the conviction phase, a distinction can be made between the “promise” and the “recommendation”. For each of these phases, different approaches have proven successful, based on the campaign objectives. In this course you will learn how to use the means of performance, communication, price, sales and personnel policy in a efficient way to acquire new customers.

Goals/benefits (After the event the participants can…)

(1) convince potential new customers,

(2) stimulate potential new customers and

(3) familiarize new customers (socialize)


(1) Task: Acquisition of new customers

(2) Convince – theory and application

(3) Stimulation – theory and application

(4) Socialization – Theory and Application


– Self-study: Online provision of content (incl. templates and manuals)

– Open seminars: Participants from different companies

– Closed seminars: Participants from one company (customized solution)

– Workshops: to develop a campaign plan

– Keynote speech: 45-minute presentation on the topic

Time requirement (participant view)

– Self study: 4 days

– Seminars: 2 days

– Workshops: customized solution according to requirements

– Impulse presentation: 45 minutes

Target audience

Target groups are all those who are entrusted with the acquisition of new customers in their companies and organizations. First and foremost, marketing and sales staff should feel addressed.