We are implementing your plans!

Harald Hafner – hotmama and the “Partner-in-Performance” network — offer the implementation of plans and concepts by successfully coaching and guiding your in your efforts. We provide support when it comes to establishing customer oriented structures, systems and culture.


In many cases organisations lack structure in marketing. To provide relevant structures is essential for implementation. A first priority thereby are the blueprinting of customer contact processes and standard operating procedures. We support you when it comes to setting up a relevant structure in order to put your plans into action.

Integrated systems

Systems should support processes and must be integrated into the organisational structure in order to be benificiary. Systems in customer contact will be automized and supported by artificial intelligence. We support your efforts when it comes to data- and project management.

Customer oriented organisational culture

The degree of customer orientation is expressed upon service delivery. A learning organisation allows to optimize your service delivery. In the course of an internal marketing approach we support your efforts in formulating and communicating a customer oriented organisational culture.

Managing campaigns

As soon as the campaing plan is approved, we take over. Conception, creation and production of content and advertising materials as well as distributing it through the relevant channels and measuring results as well as adopting the campaign on request. During regular meetings we inform about the results.



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Coachings are tailormade to your requirements. This is why we need to know your requirements first in order to provide a solution. Use the contact form to let us know, what it is, you need. Alternatively you can also give us a call under +43 676 4169523